Respect At UQ (Module Summary)

This page provides an overview of the content covered in the Respect at UQ module. You can find more information about the module, along with frequently asked questions on the main Respect at UQ page.

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1. Understanding Sexual Consent

1.1 What is consent? 
This section of the module unpacks what sexual consent looks like, and many of the factors that impact someone’s ability to consent. This section includes an interactive scenario so you can explore how alcohol can impact consent.  

1.2 Navigating consent 
Now that you have an understanding of what consent is, we outline some ways that we can ask for consent and check in with a sexual partner. Here we also identify some signs that someone might not be consenting. This section also includes an interactive scenario activity that explores what withdrawing consent can look like. 

1.3 Consent in the digital world  
The digital age has presented a whole new way to explore sex. It’s important for us all to consider what consent does and does not look like in the digital world. This section includes an interactive scenario to help you identify what safe, respectful and consensual interactions look like online. 

1.4 Quiz: Mythbusters 
This section challenges common myths and misconceptions that are held about sexual violence. Don't forget to carefully read the feedback after each question, this is where you will find valuable information and empirically supported evidence to bust these myths. 

1.5 Consent and power 
Here we discuss some of the factors that can influence power our relationships and interactions, and unpack how power can impact consent.  

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