It is the survivor's right to choose whether to report rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment.

Many survivors who decide to report do not do so immediately.  It is never too late to make a report or to seek help from UQ, community groups or the police.

Not sure if you want to submit a report? You can contact a member of our First Responder Network to talk about your options and any questions you have about our reporting process. 

Download the Student Reporting Flowchart

Read UQ's Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures

Need emergency support?

If you are experiencing an emergency or have just experienced sexual assault and misconduct then you can call:

  • +61 7 3365 3333 UQ Security for on campus emergencies
  • 000 for immediate police or ambulance assistance
  • 1800 Respect 1800 737 732 for 24/7 counselling support
  • External community support options in Queensland

How can I report to UQ?

If you are a survivor of sexual misconduct (assault or harassment) you can report the incident to UQ by:

We will not disclose any identifiable information to others outside UQ unless we are legally required to do so or believe there is a genuine threat to a person’s health and safety.

What happens to my report?

By submitting a report, you are not initiating a formal, investigative reporting process. We will only use the information you provide to put you in contact with a member of the SMSU who will talk you through your support and reporting options.

Reports can be kept anonymous and no further action needs to be taken. The choice is with the survivor on how they intend to proceed.

Why should I submit a report?

There are lots of reasons why someone might choose, or choose not, to report their experience of sexual misconduct. Victim-survivors have the right to choose if, how and when they report their experience. UQ’s reporting options and procedures are designed to put the needs and wishes of the victim-survivor first, to ensure their safety and wellbeing. If you include your contact details in your report this will enable us to put you in contact with an SMSU Counsellor who can provide you with information and support. Both formal and anonymous reports enable UQ to identify patterns in behaviour and provide us with information that can help us make UQ a safer, more supportive space.

I want to report to the police

In a campus emergency contact security on +61 7 3365 3333. 

Off campus, call Triple Zero 000 for immediate police and ambulance support.

You can make a report to the Police for a criminal investigation of an incident. If you are out of immediate danger, the SMSU can provide you with support in reporting an incident to the Police.

Report to the police