For Crying Out Loud

Artwork by Sad Man Studio

About 'For Crying Out Loud'

The 'For Crying Out Loud' campaign is a primary prevention campaign aiming to shine a light on the sexual violence and harassment experienced by LGBTQIA+ students at university and other tertiary institutions, and calls for social change to end violence experienced by LGBTQIA+ communities.

Why 'For Crying Out Loud'?

The use of this idiom expresses the frustration of LGBTQIA+ community about the disproportionate burden of sexual violence and harassment they experienced, the ongoing social issues that perpetuate violence towards LGBTQIA+ folk, and the erasure and silencing of queer relationships in media and campaigns.


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Discriminatory jokes, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, intersexphobia, racism, sexism and ableism have no place in our community. Discrimination is not a joke, it is a driver of violence.
Coming out and coming forward to access support and report violence can feel really scary for LGBTQIA+ communities. You deserve to be taken seriously, seriously.
If you are experiencing violence in your relationship(s), know that there are LGBTIQA+ specific support services and places you can go.
Violence impacts everyone, but it can sometimes look different for LGBTQIA+ communities. Learn the ways that violence may present itself in diverse relationships and dynamics.
Dating app facilitated violence is more than rude messages and unwanted photos. Learn what’s hot and what’s not in the world of online dating.
It’s time we talked about consent and power. With different relationships and ways of play, it is important for all of us to learn about the impact power has on our interactions.