The First Responder Network is made up of members of the UQ Community. First Responders provide a safe and supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment to receive information on the support services that are available.

Members of the First Responder Network also have other supportive roles around the university including; UQ Ally Network, Mental Health Champions and Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer (DHCO).

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Need emergency support?

If you are experiencing an emergency or have just experienced sexual assault and misconduct then you can call:

  • +61 7 3365 3333 UQ Security for on campus emergencies
  • 000 for immediate police or ambulance assistance
  • 1800 Respect 1800 737 732 for 24/7 counselling support
  • External community support options in Queensland

Contact a First Responder

The Network is not an emergency response or counselling service. If you need counselling please book an appointment with our Sexual Misconduct Support Unit. 

NamePronounsLanguages spoken

Organisational unit

LocationOther roleEmail
Adriana De Michiel  UQ LibrarySt LuciaUQ
Aideen McInerney-Leo  The University of Queensland Diamantina InstituteTRI
Ali Mills  Emmanuel CollegeSt LuciaUQ Ally, College 
Andrea Strachan  Student ServicesSt Lucia
Ann Srisakhonshe/herEnglish, ThaiFaculty of MedicineHerston
Ashleigh Huddy  Student ServicesSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health 
Andreea Zaharia  Mater Research Institute at UQTRI 
Bernadette Yates  Union CollegeSt Lucia
Catherine Fitzgerald  Student ServicesSt LuciaUQ Ally,
Christopher Lilburne  School of Chemical EngineeringSt LuciaUQ
Clare Scoble  Student Employability CentreSt LuciaUQ
Clare Tarlington  Student ServicesSt Lucia 
Courtney Wallingford  The University of Queensland Diamantina InstituteTRIUQ 
David Andersen  UQ CollegeSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health First
Dayle Osborn  Southern QLD Rural Health with UQToowoombaMental Health 
Desiree George  Faculty of MedicineHerston
Diana McCluskey  School of Political Science and International StudiesSt Lucia
Dino Willox  Student Employability CentreSt Lucia
Dony Rodriguez  School of LawSt LuciaMental Health First 
Doortje Hoerstshe/herEnglish, DutchSchool of Human Movement and Nutrition SciencesSt Lucia
Elizabeth Gorga  Student ServicesSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health
Eunice Ngunu  The Student CentreSt LuciaUQ Ally,
Franc Hayes  Student ServicesSt Lucia
Flic French  UQ LibrarySt Lucia 
Gianni Ribeiro  School of PsychologySt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health 
Gillian Mills  Student ServicesSt Lucia 
Heather Stewart  UQ Business School St LuciaMental Health
Jacinta Sinclair  UQ Student ServicesSt LuciaMental Health First
Jacki Drinnenshe/herEnglishSchool of ArchitectureSt LuciaMental Health First
Jackie Fullershe/herEnglishStudent ServicesSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health
Jackie Gonzales  UQ Student Union (UQU)St LuciaMental Health
James Fraser  

School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

St LuciaMental Health First Aid, First
James Lewandowski-Cox  UQ LibrarySt LuciaUQ Ally,
Jeremy Creugnet French, EnglishFaculty of MedicineHerston
Jessi Ling  Student ServicesSt Lucia 
Jessica Sinclairshe/herEnglishSchool of Human Movement and Nutrition SciencesSt Lucia
Karin Sellberg  School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry/Centre for Western CivilisationSt LuciaUQ 
Katie Gollschewski  Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information TechnologySt LuciaUQ
Katie Smith  Student Employability CentreSt LuciaUQ
Kris Frost  Property and Facilities – Security SectionSt Lucia
Letitia Norton  Student ServicesGatton
Lisa Dingwall  UQ Centre for Clinical ResearchSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health
Louise Hallo  Emmanuel CollegeSt Lucia
Lynda Shevellar  School of Social Science St LuciaUQ
Margaret Dunne  Student ServicesSt Lucia
Marloes Dekker Nitert  School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, Faculty of ScienceSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health First
Melita Gratwickshe/herEnglish/JapaneseInstitute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI)St LuciaMental Health First
Michael Crome  Cromwell CollegeSt Lucia
Morgan Love  UQ LibrarySt LuciaMental Health 
Nancy Lachner  Australian Centre for Ecogenomics/School of Chemistry and Molecular BiosciencesSt LuciaUQ Ally, Mental Health Champion,
Natasha Jansz  Mater ResearchTRI Woolloongabba
Pamela Doherty  Student ServicesSt LuciaUQ
Paris Renzella  School of Chemistry and Molecular BiosciencesSt Lucia
Paul Young  School of MusicSt Lucia 
Peter Walker  King's CollegeSt LuciaUQ
Rachel Zheng  Faculty of Medicine, Child Health Queensland Clinical UnitQueensland Children’s Hospital, South BankAlly,
Rebecca Lush  Faculty of Medicine, School of Biomedical SciencesHerstonUQ
Remash Ismail  School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Health and Behavioural SciencesSt Lucia
Renee Patta EnglishFaculty of Humanities and Social ScienceSt Lucia
Renee de Simone  Student ServicesSt Lucia
Roxana Paterson  Grace CollegeSt LuciaUQ
Ruby Wallace  Global Engagement St Lucia
Ruth Lee  Mater ResearchMater Hill, South Brisbane
Sally Northcroft  The Women's CollegeSt Lucia
Sallyanne Graham  Student CentreSt LuciaUQ
Sarah Walker  King's CollegeSt Lucia
Shamara Pitiyage   Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, School of Communication of ArtsSt LuciaUQ Ally
Selina Lucy (Currently on leave)  Student ServicesSt LuciaUQ
Sandy Richardson  Mater Research Institute at UQTRI 
Shauna Crimean  Student ServicesSt LuciaUQ
Shirin Jamarani  Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)St LuciaUQ
Simon Scott  Halls of ResidenceGatton
Soi Cheng Law  Mater Research Institute at UQTRIUQ 
Sol Rojas-Lizana  School of LanguagesSt LuciaUQ Ally,
Sophie Plunkett  Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI), Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesSt Lucia
Sophie Simpson  Grace CollegeSt LuciaUQ
Stacey Trimble  School of ParmacologyPACE 
Suaditya C Mohan (Suady)  School of Social ScienceSt LuciaUQ
Sumaira Hasnain  Mater ResearchTRI Woolloongabba
Sybilla Wilson  Student ServicesSt Lucia
Tania Kapp  Student ServicesSt Lucia
Tess Dobinson  School of Chemistry and Molecular BiosciencesSt LuciaUQ
Tracey Scott  UQ SportSt Lucia
Tyler Kiernan  St Leo's CollegeSt LuciaUQ 
Valeska Wood  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies UnitSt LuciaUQ
Wayne Kollegger  Halls of ResidenceGatton
Yohan Nair  International HouseSt Lucia
Yvonne Thursbyshe/herEnglishSchool of DentistryHerston

*Contact with this First Responder will likely be via email and phone only as they generally sit externally to UQ campuses.