Support provided at UQ

We began recording requests for support in relation to sexual misconduct in August 2017. The individual contributions made through the Respect Now Always Survey in 2017 and the subsequent requests for support within our UQ Community have informed our progress in providing enhanced support and prevention campaigns within the UQ Community.

Prior to the release of the 2017 Australian Human Rights Commission report, two per cent of disclosures at UQ progressed to a formal report. Since then, the rate of formal reporting where the incident had a connection with UQ increased to more than 28 per cent.  Our focus continues to be supporting survivors, making them feel safe and empowered in their choices, which may include formal reporting.

Since 2017, we have worked across and with all areas of the UQ Community on initiatives relating to prevention and response.

We recognise the importance of being open with our community so that we understand how this societal issue impacts on the lives of our people.  While more than half the number of people who request support have experienced sexual misconduct outside the UQ community, the impact on their study or work is significant and we offer specialist counselling support and work or study adjustments as part of our support response.

Requests for support*
Formal reports or complaints
Counselling appointments
  Total Not connected with another UQ member Connected with another UQ member    
Aug 2017-2018 115 57 58 16 369
2019 72 44 28 16 371
2020 69 44 25 7 382

* Includes incidents that occured more than one year prior.